Thermal insulation wall cladding systems

A new, 100% Tassullo method of insulation has arrived

The correct thermal insulation of a building is essential for helping the environment, saving energy, and guaranteeing optimum living comfort.

Tassullo, a company with a leadership position for the production of eco-compatible materials in natural hydraulic lime, has developed a complete range of wall cladding systems that ensure natural quality, while also guaranteeing vapour permeability and a high thermal insulation power.

Tassullo’s insulated wall cladding systems utilise natural, vapour-permeable, eco-compatible materials, and therefore they increase man’s physical and psychological wellbeing, in the home, the office, and more generally in those indoor locations where people spend most of their time. Tassullo’s insulated wall cladding systems create a living membrane for a building, protecting its inhabitants, letting their bodies breathe, and enabling them to live in a healthy interior both in winter and in summer.