Thermal insulation wall cladding systems
Natural cork: GREEN system Mineral rock wool: RED system Wood fibre: BROWN system Polistirene espanso: ISI-THERM Systema
Calcium silicate thermal insulation systemo

white SYSTEM

This new, wholly mineral system offers remarkable thermal and acoustic properties. The T-WHITE insulating panel is made in an innovative insulating material, containing no wood or fibre, compact, and above all a powerful, natural thermal insulator.


  • Very easy to work
  • Ecological in manufacture and use
  • High thermal insulation, fire-resistant
  • Excellent resistance to pressure and deformation
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Its thermal insulation performance remains unchanged over the years as a result of its mineral structure
  • Contains no fibre
  • Easy disposal


Skim-coating adhesive made from FENIX NHL5 Natural Hydraulic Lime, with high vapour permeability, adhesion and elasticity, containing lightweight aggregate.





Section of the calcium silicate thermal insulation system