Thermal insulation wall cladding systems

Tassullo’s wall cladding system, promoting man’s psychological and physical wellness

Wall cladding systems are not all the same. The choice of an insulation system should not be determined purely by questions of economy. Aspects of comfort and wellness during living should also be considered. For this reason, Tassullo has developed a complete range of natural solutions which meet the demands of thermal insulation and interior comfort.

Insulated home

The thermal insulation cycles are supplied complete with all the accessories needed for correct installation.

Tassullo’s natural hydraulic lime guarantees the system’s vapour permeability

The Tassullo research centre has developed an exclusive range of natural adhesives and skim coats for all types of wall cladding system. The adhesives developed using Tassullo’s NHL5 natural hydraulic lime ensure that the application system guarantees the necessary characteristics of vapour permeability, natural quality and long duration, enhancing all individual components, and improving comfort and wellness in living.

Vapour permeability