Thermal insulation wall cladding systems
The TASSULLO Research Center
Diffractometric analysis

Our laboratories, at the service of our clients

Tassullo’s insulating wall cladding systems are the result of studies developed at the Tassullo research centre. Here, professionals working in a range of fields are available to provide a response to your requirements.
  • THERMO-HYGROMETRIC ASSESSMENT OF MASONRY: this assessment has to be performed at the design stage. It ensures that condensation will not occur inside the various layers of which the wall is formed, or on its interior surface.
  • ASSESSMENT OF HEAT LOSS through the wall, by means of infra-red photography: this analysis immediately detects the points of the wall (thermal bridges) where heat is lost.
  • THICKNESS ASSESSMENT of the insulation material to be used in order to meet the demands of current standards.
  • MEASUREMENT OF HEAT FLOW across the masonry structures using a heat flow meter.

Our materials have passed all the toughest laboratory tests

  1. ADHESION TEST using an adherence gauge, complete with a tool providing 60 mm diameter samples.
  2. MECHANICAL STRENGTH TEST for the attachment plugs.
  3. IMPACT TEST on a panel with skim coating and reinforcing mesh as per ETAG 004.
  4. SKIM COAT ADHESION TEST by the removal of the reinforcing mesh from a slab.
  5. SKIM COAT ADHESION TEST on a panel according to ETAG 004 (example of a test performed after immersion in water).
Adhesion test
- 1 -
Mechanical strength test on the attachment plugs.
- 2 -
Impact test
- 3 -
Test on skim coat adhesion
- 4 -
Test on skim coat adhesion
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