Thermal insulation wall cladding systems
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Thermal insulation system in natural cork


Thermal insulation systems based on cork panels are the ideal solution for those who want a comfortable interior climate, energy savings, and an eco-friendly construction system. Cork is, in fact, a natural material, with no organic substances.


  • Good acoustic insulation: by means of their structure, the panels improve acoustic insulation, preventing the entrance of exterior noise, to a degree that depends on the type of masonry
  • Ecological, natural, made without organic adhesives
  • High vapour permeability guarantees a comfortable interior climate
  • Protection against atmospheric agents
  • Dimensional stability, non-deformable
  • High surface strength, robust reinforcement system


Skim-coating adhesive made from BIO-E NHL5 Natural Hydraulic Lime, with high vapour permeability. It is a natural product.




Technical data sheet (pdf 156 Kb)


Section of the natural cork thermal insulation system